101+ Colours Name: Learn Colors Name in Hindi & English

About Colours Name: The beauty of nature is indescribable and this is because of its colors it have. Be it the multi colour flowers or the greenery of the fields, the blueness of the sky or the unique shade of the rainbow, all the beautiful views of nature that cheer our inner soul because of the colors they have.

We understand very well the importance of colors in our lives. But do we know what is colors called in Hindi? If you want to know what is the Hindi name of the color then let us tell you that the color is known as ‘Rang’ in Hindi.

Colour in Hindi = रंग

Human life is gloomy and empty without colours. In childhood, the child recognizes objects with the help of colors, so first of all the names of colors are taught to the children, in today’s post we are also going to tell you the names of different colors in English and in Hindi.


Colours Name in Hindi & English

In today’s time, many new types of colors have been made by mixing two or more colors, but let us tell you that this was not the case in the beginning. Actually in the beginning there were only a few colors. Colors were originally divided into three categories. Let us tell you about them and then on the basis of categories we will also tell you the names of the colors.


Types of Colors
Colors can be divided into three categories:

(i) Primary Colors
(ii) Secondary Colors
(iii) Tertiary Colors


Primary Colours Name

Primary colors or basic colors are those colours which cannot be obtained by mixing. We get it only in its original form. Only three shades come in this range.


Red colour

1. Name of Colour – Red
Colour Name in Hindi – लाल
Colour Code – #FF0000


Yellow colour

2. Name of Colour – Yellow
Color Name in Hindi – पीला
Color Code – #FFFF00


Blue Color

3. Name of Colour – Blue
Colour Name in Hindi – नीला
Colour Code – #0000FF



Secondary Colors Name

Secondary colors are those colors which are obtained by mixing two primary colors. It comes in three forms.


Green color

1. Name of Colour – Green
Color Name in Hindi – हरा
Color Code – #008000


Violet color

2. Name of Colour – Violet
Colour Name in Hindi – बैंगनी
Colour Code – #7F00FF


Orange color

3. Name of Colour – Orange
Color Name in Hindi – नारंगी
Color Code – #FFA500



Tertiary Colours Name

Tertiary colors are those prepared by mixing primary and secondary colors.


Teel color

1. Blue-Green (Teal Color)
Colour Name in Hindi – चैती रंग
Color Code – #008080


Vermillion color

2. Red-Orange (Vermillion)
Name in Hindi – सिन्दूरी रंग
Color Code – #E34234


Amber color

3. Yellow-Orange (Amber)
Color Name in Hindi – भूरा पीला रंग
Color Code – #FFBF00


Magenta color

4. Red-Violet (Magenta)
Name in Hindi – मैजेंटा रंग
Color Code – #FF00FF


Spring green color

5. Yellow-Green (Chartreuse or Spring green)
Colour Name in Hindi – वसंत हरा रंग
Color Code – #9ACD32



Some Other Popular Name of Colours

Now we will tell you about some more colors which are widely used and are made by mixing two or more colours.


Black color

1. Color Name – Black
Color Name in Hindi – काला
Color Code – #000000


White color

2. White
Name in Hindi – सफेद
Colour Code – #FFFFFF


indigo color

3. Indigo
Name in Hindi – नील रंग
Colour Code – #4b0082


purple color

4. Purple
Name in Hindi – बैंगनी
Color Code – #800080


Pink color

5. Colour Name – Pink
Colour Name in Hindi – गुलाबी
Colour Code – #FFC0CB


Golden color

6. Golden
Name in Hindi – सुनहरा
Color Code – #daa520


Silver color

7. Silver
Name in Hindi – चांदी रंग
Colour Code – #C0C0C0


Bronze color

8. Bronze
Name in Hindi – पीतल रंग
Color Code – #CD7F32


Brown color

9. Brown
Name in Hindi – भूरा रंग
Colour Code – #A52A2A


Gray color

10. Color Name – Gray / Grey
Color Name in Hindi – स्लेटी रंग
Color Code – #808080


Grape color

11. Grape Color
Name in Hindi – अंगूरी रंग
Colour Code – #6f2da8


Lime color

12. Lime
Name in Hindi – नीबू का रंग
Color Code – #00ff00


Mint color

13. Mint
Name in Hindi – टकसाल रंग
Colour Code – #3EB489


Maroon color

14. Maroon
Name in Hindi – मैरून रंग
Color Code – #800000


Turquoise color

15. Colour Name – Turquoise
Colour Name in Hindi – फ़िरोज़ा
Colour Code – #30D5C8



Some Less Known Colors Name in English

Colours name in english


1. Amethyst 27. Fuchsia 53. Olive
2. Apricot Color 28. Gainsboro 54. Oxblood
3. Aqua 29. Ginger Color 55. Oyster
4. Azure 30. Hazelwood 56. Parakeet
5. Beige 31. Iris 57. Parmesan
6. Biscotti 32. Ivory 58. Pea green
7. Canary 33. Jade 59. Peach Color
8. Caramel Color 34. Lapis 60. Pearl Color
9. Carmine 35. Lavender Color 61. Periwinkle
10. Carob 36. Leamonade 62. Peru
11. Cerulean 37. Light Salmon 63. Pewter
12. Chartreuse 38. Lilac 64. Plum
13. Chiffon Color 39. Mahogany 65. Porcelain
14. Clay 40. Marigold Color 66. Porpoise
15. Cobalt 41. Mauve 67. Rouge color
16. Cream Color 42. Medallion 68. Ruby
17. Crimson 43. Merlot 69. Rust
18. Cyan 44. Metallic 70. Sangria
19. Daisy Color 45. Mistry Rose 71. Sapphire Color
20. Dark Salmon 46. Mocha Color 72. Snow Color
21. Dijon 47. Mulberry 73. Taffy Color
22. Emerald 48. Mustard Color 74. Tawny
23. Fern 49. Navy Color 75. Tortilla
24. Firebrick 50. Neon Green 76. Wheatish Color
25. Flamingo 51. Obsidian  
26. Flint 52. Off White  


Learn Colours Name by Video


तो दोस्तों ये थे कुछ रंगों के नाम (colours name in hindi)। अगर आप इनके अलावा और भी rangon ke naam जानते हैं तो हमें नीचे कमेंट करके बता सकते हैं। अगर हमारी ये पोस्ट मददगार लगी हो तो इसे अपने दोस्तों के साथ भी शेयर करें साथ ही सोशल मीडिया पर इसे शेयर करें।

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