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    12 Most Useless College Degrees That You Should Avoid

    Not all college degrees are created equal when it comes to job prospects. Unfortunately, some majors don’t lead to many viable career options or high salaries.

    In this article, we’ll look at 12 college majors that data shows are some of the least “useful” based on factors like job growth, unemployment rates, and earnings.


    12 Most Useless College Degrees


    1. Creative Writing

    Creative writing6

    Creative Writing may sound like a dream major for aspiring novelists and poets. But the cold hard truth is jobs are incredibly scarce. With so many people pursuing it as a passion, the market is flooded.

    Unemployment rates are high and salaries are generally lower than you’d hope. Unless you hit the literary jackpot, most creative writing grads struggle to make ends meet. And even if you do manage to get published, the average book royalties are pretty underwhelming. For every superstar author, there are thousands scraping by on freelance gigs and side hustles.

    It’s an ultra-competitive field. So unless writing is 100% your life’s calling and you’re okay with the risk, you may want to reconsider this major.

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