TEAS Exam Full Information – Your Complete Guide

If you’re dreaming of a nursing career, the TEAS exam is a step you can’t skip. This standardized test assesses if you’re ready for health science programs. Our guide breaks down everything from exam details to study tips, lighting your path to success.

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What is the TEAS Exam?

The TEAS Exam is a nursing entrance exam used to assess academic proficiency for allied health programs. It consists of multiple choice questions and covers subjects such as science, math, reading comprehension, and English language usage.


Purpose and importance

Nursing schools use the TEAS exam to check if students are ready for their programs. It measures your knowledge in math, science, reading, and English. This test makes sure you have the skills needed for nursing school.

If you want to become a nurse or join an allied health program, doing well on this exam is crucial.

Scoring high on the TEAS shows that you can handle tough courses in healthcare programs. Each section of the test looks at different subjects so schools know what areas you’re good at and where you might need help.

Understanding this exam is key to getting into nursing school and starting your career in healthcare.


Content and format

The TEAS exam includes 170 questions and lasts for 209 minutes. It consists of four sections: Math, Science, Reading, and English and Language Usage. The question types are multiple choice and multiple select.

The exam assesses essential academic skills needed for nursing school, covering various subjects such as math, science, reading comprehension, and grammar. Before registering for the test, it’s crucial to check the specific requirements of the nursing programs you are applying to.

Free practice tests are available to help you prepare thoroughly.

Understanding the format of the TEAS exam is essential; this can help in planning your study schedule effectively. Each section requires different levels of preparation because of its unique content.


How is it scored?

The TEAS exam is scored based on the number of correct answers you provide. Each correct answer earns you points, while incorrect or unanswered questions do not count against your score.

The total number of correct answers is then converted into a scaled score, which ranges from 0 to 100%. This percentage indicates how well you performed compared to other test takers.

The higher your scaled score, the better your performance on the TEAS exam.

Understanding how the TEAS exam is scored can help you strategize your approach and focus on maximizing your correct answers within the time limit. It’s essential to aim for a high percentage by studying diligently and practicing with sample questions.

By comprehending the scoring system, you can tailor your preparation to achieve optimal results in each section of the exam.


TEAS Exam Information

Get all the important details about the TEAS exam, including the cost and registration process, as well as accommodations available for those with special needs.


Important details

Ensure you understand the exam’s purpose and format before registering.


Cost and registration process

Before registering for the TEAS exam, understanding the cost and the registration process is crucial. Here are the important details to consider:

  1. The cost of taking the TEAS exam typically ranges from $60 to $115, depending on the testing center and location.
  2. Registration for the TEAS exam can be done online through the ATI Testing website or by contacting an authorized testing center.
  3. When registering, ensure you have a valid government – issued photo ID and payment method ready.
  4. It is important to select a convenient test date and location when registering for the exam.
  5. Once registered, it is recommended to review all confirmation materials carefully and prepare accordingly.


Accommodations available

Accommodations for the TEAS exam are available to ensure equal opportunities for all students. These accommodations may include extra testing time, a separate testing room, or assistive technology for those with disabilities.

To request accommodations, students must submit documentation of their need and apply through the appropriate channels at least six weeks before their desired test date to allow sufficient processing time.

It’s important to review the specific requirements and procedures for requesting accommodations on the official ATI TEAS website.


How to Prepare for the TEAS Exam

Get ready for the TEAS Exam by studying smart, utilizing available resources, and taking practice tests to boost your confidence. Read on to learn more about preparing effectively for this important test.


Tips for studying

Study for each section of the TEAS exam separately.


Resources available

After studying and preparing for the TEAS exam, it’s essential to utilize available resources to enhance your readiness. Here are some valuable resources that can aid in your preparation:

  1. ATI TEAS Study Manual: A comprehensive guide covering all sections of the exam with practice questions and detailed explanations.
  2. Online Practice Assessments: Access free and paid online platforms offering simulated TEAS exams to gauge your preparedness.
  3. Review Courses: Consider enrolling in review courses offered by educational institutions or specialized test preparation centers for structured learning.
  4. Study Groups: Join or form study groups with peers to exchange knowledge, discuss difficult concepts, and reinforce understanding through collaborative learning.
  5. Educational Websites and Videos: Utilize reputable websites and instructional videos focusing on TEAS exam content for additional learning resources.
  6. Flashcards: Create or utilize pre-made flashcards to memorize key facts, equations, and terminology relevant to the exam.
  7. Library Resources: Explore academic libraries for reference books, study guides, and other materials related to the topics covered in the TEAS exam.
  8. Tutoring Services: Seek assistance from qualified tutors specializing in TEAS exam preparation for personalized guidance and support.
  9. Mobile Apps: Download educational apps designed specifically for TEAS test preparation, offering convenient access to study materials on-the-go.
  10. Test-Taking Workshops: Attend workshops aimed at improving test-taking strategies, time management, and reducing test anxiety to maximize performance on exam day.


Practice tests

Prepare for the TEAS exam by taking advantage of free practice tests available online. Use these resources to familiarize yourself with the format and style of questions that will be on the exam.

Utilize test-taking strategies while practicing for the TEAS exam to improve your performance, as it is important to understand how to approach different question types. Familiarizing yourself with the content and structure of the exam through practice tests will help boost your confidence and readiness for the actual test day.

Understand that completing practice tests can help identify areas where you need additional study, ensuring you are well-prepared when it’s time to take the TEAS exam.


After the TEAS Exam

Once you have completed the TEAS exam, it’s important to understand how to receive and interpret your results. Additionally, if necessary, knowing the process for retaking the exam or seeking additional support is crucial.


Getting your results

Once the TEAS exam is completed, results are typically available immediately for the multiple-choice sections. However, for the written section, it might take a few weeks to receive your scores.

Your score report will include individual scores for each section and an overall composite score. If you’re not satisfied with your results, you can retake the exam after waiting 30 days.

Remember to check with your desired nursing program about their policies on retaking the exam as some schools only accept your first attempt. If you fail to pass, assess what areas need improvement and dedicate specific study time before attempting again.


Retaking the exam

If you need to retake the TEAS exam:

  • Make sure to review your previous exam results for areas of improvement.
  • Take advantage of additional study resources to strengthen your skills before retaking the exam.
  • Consider seeking support from a tutor or joining a study group to enhance your preparation.
  • Set a clear study schedule and follow it diligently to ensure thorough preparation.
  • Use practice tests as a tool to gauge your progress and identify any remaining weaknesses.
  • Stay updated on any changes in the exam format or content if there have been updates since your last attempt.


What to do if you fail

If you fail the TEAS exam, don’t panic. Analyze your results to see which sections you struggled with the most. Focus on improving your weak areas by seeking additional study resources and practicing more questions in those specific subjects.

Consider retaking the exam after thorough preparation to improve your score. Reach out to academic advisors or tutors who can provide guidance on targeted studying strategies for better performance.

Utilize available support services from schools and online platforms offering assistance for preparing for standardized tests like the TEAS.



In conclusion, the TEAS exam is a crucial step for students aspiring to enter nursing programs. Understanding its content, format, and scoring is essential in preparing effectively.

By utilizing available resources and practicing test-taking strategies, students can boost their chances of success. Remember to reach out to your chosen schools regarding specific requirements and accommodations before registering for the exam.

Good luck with your TEAS exam preparation!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the TEAS Exam?

The TEAS exam, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a multiple choice test that measures academic proficiency for those entering nursing and healthcare programs.


2. How do I register for the TEAS Exam?

You can sign up for the TEAS exam through official testing websites or your chosen nursing program’s admissions office.


3. Is there a time limit on the TEAS Exam?

Yes, when taking the TEAS exam, you will have a set amount of time to complete all sections, including science and other academic skills assessments.


4. What should I study for the Nursing School Admissions Test?

For success on this entrance requirement test, focus on developing solid test-taking strategies and review key subjects covered in the nursing program entrance exam.


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