Get Paid to Study: Your Complete Guide to Scholarships in Arkansas

Paying for college in Arkansas can seem like climbing a mountain without a map. Good news: Arkansas offers scholarships that could be your guiding star to reaching the peak of education without heavy debt.

This guide reveals how you can uncover financial aid treasures and make your journey through college less worrisome. Dive in, future scholars!


Overview of Arkansas Scholarships

Arkansas offers a variety of scholarships to help students fund their education, including merit-based and need-based options. As the deadlines for some scholarships approach, it’s important to explore the different opportunities available.


Types of scholarships

Arkansas offers a variety of scholarships to help students pay for college. Whether you’re a high school senior or already in college, there’s financial aid for you.

  • Academic Scholarships: Based on grades and test scores, these are awarded to students who show great academic ability. If you submit your transcripts and scores by November 1, you could land one of these from Arkansas colleges.
  • Need-Based Scholarships: For students who need financial help. These look at your family’s income and can cover part of your college costs.
  • Lottery Scholarships: Funded by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, they offer money each year for both two-year and four-year college students. Applying is simple and it helps with educational expenses.
  • Merit-Based Scholarships: Rewarding talent and hard work in various fields, merit-based scholarships can also come from achieving high scores on standardized tests like the ACT, as offered by the University of Arkansas.
  • Grants: Similar to need-based scholarships but often focused on specific fields like nursing or education. They don’t have to be paid back and can make a big difference in covering tuition costs.
  • State Scholarships: The State of Arkansas provides programs like the Academic Challenge Scholarship to support residents in pursuit of higher education.
  • Institutional Scholarships: Universities like the University of Arkansas have their own scholarships based on different criteria such as merit or geographical location.


Scholarships with approaching deadlines

Transitioning from the various types of scholarships available in Arkansas, it’s vital to note the importance of application timelines. Deadlines for scholarships are key to securing funding for your education. Below is a table outlining some of the scholarships with approaching deadlines, ensuring you stay on track with your scholarship applications.

Scholarship Name Deadline Eligibility Award Amount
Academic Challenge Scholarship June 1 Arkansas resident, minimum GPA and test scores Varies
Arkansas Governor’s Scholars Program February 1 High academic achievers, leadership skills Up to full tuition
Arkansas Health Education Grant (ARHEG) July 1 Arkansas resident, seeking degrees in health fields Varies
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund Varies by county Single parents, Arkansas resident, financial need Varies
University of Arkansas Scholarships November 15 Varies by scholarship Varies

These scholarships provide a range of financial benefits and cater to a variety of students with different backgrounds and educational goals. Remember, applying early increases your chances of receiving an award, and meeting deadlines is crucial for consideration. Keep this table handy as a quick reference to ensure your applications are submitted punctually.


Top Arkansas Scholarships to Apply for

Scholars Fund for Education Scholarship, TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship, NAJA Scholarships, Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship and Simon Youth Greg Saunders Legacy Scholarship Program are some of the top scholarships available for Arkansas students.

These scholarships offer valuable financial assistance to help students pursue their educational goals.


Scholars Fund for Education Scholarship

The Scholars Fund for Education Scholarship provides financial aid to Arkansas residents pursuing higher education. This scholarship aims to ease the burden of college tuition and assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Eligibility is often based on a variety of factors, including academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement. The scholars fund opens up pathways for students to receive educational grants and merit-based scholarships tailored to their unique circumstances, providing valuable college funding opportunities in Arkansas.

This scholarship program offers significant support to both two-year and four-year college students. The scholars fund plays an essential role in empowering students by making educational funding accessible and catering to various fields of study such as nursing student scholarships or university scholarships.


The Dream US Opportunity Scholarship

The Dream US Opportunity Scholarship is available to students who are DACA or TPS eligible and have graduated from a US high school. This scholarship helps cover tuition, fees, and books for students attending one of the partner colleges in Arkansas.

The application process opens in November and closes in February, providing an excellent opportunity for eligible students to pursue their higher education without worrying about financial barriers.


NAJA Scholarships

NAJA Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for Arkansas students pursuing higher education. These scholarships are part of the state’s efforts to provide financial assistance to deserving individuals.

Universal Scholarship System is where one can apply, making it easier for students to access multiple scholarship programs with a single application. The variety of these scholarships cater to different academic and financial needs, providing aid to a wide range of students from various backgrounds.

The NAJA Scholarships offer a chance for Arkansas residents to fund their educational endeavors, reducing the burden of college expenses. With this support, students can focus on their studies and achieve their academic goals without being weighed down by financial concerns.


Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship

After exploring the NAJA Scholarships, consider applying for the Jimmy Rane Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is available to high school seniors and undergraduates in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina or Florida.

The main focus is on financial need and academic performance with a minimum GPA requirement of 2.75. This scholarship also emphasizes community involvement and leadership activities when evaluating applicants.

Recipients can receive up to $5,000 per year for four years to cover tuition costs at an accredited institution within the Southern United States.

The application process includes submitting an online application form along with transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation and FAFSA information by February 8th each year.


Simon Youth Greg Saunders Legacy Scholarship Program

The Simon Youth Greg Saunders Legacy Scholarship Program offers financial assistance to high school seniors living near a Simon mall. Recipients can use the scholarship funds for tuition, fees, and books at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or technical/vocational school in the United States.

To be eligible, students must demonstrate financial need, academic success with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, involvement in community and co-curricular activities, and employment history.

Scholarships like these are crucial for Arkansas students aiming to pursue higher education as they offer substantial support to ease the financial burden associated with college expenses.


How to Apply for Arkansas Scholarships

To apply for scholarships in Arkansas, students can utilize resources such as the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and scholarship search engines. Tips for winning scholarships include having a strong application, meeting all deadlines, and writing compelling essays.

Additionally, students should explore merit-based scholarships at Arkansas colleges and consider in-state tuition and tuition reciprocity options.


Resources for finding scholarships

Explore the Universal Scholarship System for a one-stop application process. Investigate Arkansas colleges and universities for merit-based scholarships based on ACT scores. Utilize the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to access various funding opportunities, including both two-year and four-year college scholarships.

Consider the University of Arkansas’ specific requirements and deadlines for applying for scholarships, such as out-of-state tuition waivers. Access academic scholarships from various sources in Arkansas by submitting transcripts and test scores before November 1st.


Tips for winning scholarships

Start by utilizing the Universal Scholarship System to explore all available scholarships in Arkansas.


Arkansas college loan debt overview

Arkansas college loan debt is a concern for many students pursuing higher education. Understanding the impact of student debt in Arkansas helps in making informed decisions about loans and financial aid.

The Academic Challenge Scholarship Program provides scholarships to Arkansas residents, offering financial assistance without accumulating significant loan debt. Additionally, the Universal Scholarship System simplifies the process by allowing one application to determine eligibility for all of the state’s scholarship programs, reducing the reliance on student loans.

After understanding Arkansas college funding opportunities, it’s important to explore how to apply for scholarships effectively and maximize available resources.


Merit scholarships at Arkansas colleges

Arkansas colleges offer numerous merit-based scholarships based on academic achievements and accomplishments. These scholarships aim to reward students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their high school academics, standardized tests, and extracurricular activities.

When applying for these scholarships, it’s crucial to meet the specific eligibility criteria set by each college or university in Arkansas. The University of Arkansas, for example, provides various scholarships based on ACT scores and merit, along with specific requirements and application deadlines.

Additionally, the institution offers out-of-state tuition waivers to support non-resident students seeking educational opportunities in Arkansas.


In-state tuition and tuition reciprocity

Arkansas colleges offer in-state tuition to resident students, making higher education more affordable. Additionally, some schools have reciprocity agreements with neighboring states, allowing students from those states to receive in-state tuition rates.

This benefit opens up opportunities for students living near state borders to pursue their education at Arkansas colleges without facing excessive out-of-state fees. Understanding the in-state tuition and reciprocity options can help students make informed decisions about their college choices and financial planning.


Important Points about Arkansas Scholarships

What are the eligibility requirements for Arkansas scholarships? What types of scholarships are offered in Arkansas? Where can students find additional resources and exclusive scholarships for Arkansas residents? What is the impact of student debt in Arkansas?


Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for scholarships in Arkansas, students must apply for admission and submit all transcripts and test scores by November 1. Students can access grants and scholarships from various sources, including Arkansas colleges and universities and the State of Arkansas.

Additionally, the Universal Scholarship System is a universal scholarship search that allows one application to determine eligibility for all of the state’s scholarship programs.

Moreover, the Academic Challenge Scholarship Program provides scholarships to Arkansas residents pursuing higher education. The majority of UA scholarships require completion of 30 credit hours per year, providing ample opportunities for financial aid in pursuing academic endeavors.


Types of scholarships offered in Arkansas

Arkansas offers a diverse range of scholarships to support students pursuing higher education. These comprise academic scholarships, need-based scholarships, and state grants. The Academic Challenge Scholarship Program is available for Arkansas residents seeking higher education, while the Universal Scholarship System streamlines the application process by determining eligibility for various state scholarship programs through one application.

Additionally, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery provides opportunities for both two-year and four-year college students with varying annual payouts.

Furthermore, the University of Arkansas awards scholarships based on ACT scores and merit, including specific scholarships for out-of-state and international students. The university also has distinct requirements and deadlines for these scholarships along with an out-of-state tuition waiver.


Additional resources for finding scholarships

Explore the Universal Scholarship System, a one-stop shop for all state scholarship programs. Access grants and scholarships from various sources, including colleges, universities, and the State of Arkansas through this universal application process.

In addition to university-specific scholarships based on ACT scores and merit, consider applying for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to benefit from simple procedures that can greatly support your pursuit of higher education.


Exclusive scholarships for Arkansas students

Exclusive scholarships for Arkansas students are available through a variety of sources, including the State of Arkansas and local institutions. These scholarships cater to specific fields such as nursing, education, and other academic disciplines.

The Universal Scholarship System allows students to apply for multiple scholarship programs with just one application, simplifying the process and increasing opportunities for financial aid.

Additionally, the Academic Challenge Scholarship Program provides significant financial assistance to Arkansas residents pursuing higher education at in-state institutions. These exclusive opportunities help alleviate the burden of college tuition and allow students to focus on their academic pursuits.


The impact of student debt in Arkansas

Student debt in Arkansas has a significant impact on college graduates. The average student loan debt for Arkansas students is around $27,000. High levels of student debt can affect graduates’ financial stability, making it challenging to achieve long-term goals such as home ownership and retirement savings.

Moreover, high levels of student debt can limit career options and hinder economic mobility for individuals entering the workforce. Therefore, being strategic about scholarships and financial aid can help reduce the burden of student loan debt for Arkansas residents.

The state offers various scholarship opportunities that can significantly alleviate the financial strain associated with higher education. Seeking out merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and state grants can greatly reduce the reliance on student loans while pursuing a college degree in Arkansas.



In conclusion, Arkansas offers a wide range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities for students. Applying early and using the Universal Scholarship System can help maximize your chances of securing funding.

By exploring merit-based scholarships, state grants, and university-specific programs, Arkansas students can pursue higher education with greater financial support. Keep abreast of deadlines and take advantage of these resources to alleviate the burden of student debt while achieving your educational goals in Arkansas.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I find a list of college scholarships in Arkansas?

You can search for the ultimate guide to scholarships in Arkansas which includes college scholarships, financial aid for residents, and university scholarships specific to Arkansas students.


2. Are there special scholarships for high school students in Arkansas?

Yes, many merit-based and need-based opportunities exist such as high school scholarships that provide college tuition assistance for future academic funding.


3. Can nursing students get scholarships in Arkansas?

Nursing students have access to specific scholarship opportunities aimed at supporting their educational journey within the State’s student financial assistance programs.


4. How do I apply for Arkansas state grants for education?

Check out the latest guide on scholarship applications, where it details how to apply for merit-based or need-based state grants and other educational funding options available in Arkansas.


5. What kind of student aid is offered by universities in Arkansas?

Universities offer various forms of student aid including university-specific scholarships, tuition assistance, and comprehensive educational funding packages designed to help with overall college expenses.

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