Easiest 4 Year Degree Programs for College Students

Choosing a college major can feel like a huge decision that shapes your future. Did you know that some degrees are considered ‘easier’ based on factors like lower attrition rates and high ROI? This blog will guide you to the simplest four-year degree programs known for their manageable workload and clear career paths.

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What Makes a College Major “Easy”?

College majors are considered “easy” based on their low attrition rate and high return on investment. This means that students in these programs are less likely to drop out, and graduates have higher earning potential.


Low attrition rate

A low attrition rate means that fewer students are dropping out of a major. This can suggest the program is manageable for many students. When you pick an easy college major, there’s a good chance you’ll stick with it until graduation.

Majors like psychology and education often have higher graduate rates because they match well with different learning styles.

Studying these subjects may lead to less stress and more success in college. They come with clear career paths too, which helps keep students motivated. For example, degrees in criminal justice open doors to roles in law enforcement or legal fields where job demand is strong.

Students feel confident knowing their hard work leads to real job opportunities after earning their bachelor’s degree.


High return on investment

Psychology and criminal justice offer high return on investment due to their strong job demand. According to current trends, these degrees lead to clear career paths with attractive pay.

Education is also a field where there’s a consistent need for professionals, making it a secure choice for students seeking good financial prospects. Business administration and healthcare administration are additional options that provide stable employment opportunities with potential for high pay, contributing to the pursuit of an affordable and easy online degree.

These majors not only promise low difficulty but also open doors to rewarding careers in various industries.


Top 5 Easiest 4-Year Degree Programs

Psychology, Criminal Justice, English, Education, and Religious Studies are among the top five easiest 4-year degree programs for college students. These majors typically have lower attrition rates and offer high returns on investment.



Explore the world of human behavior and mental processes with a degree in psychology. This easy college major provides insights into how individuals think, feel, and act, offering a solid foundation for various career paths.

With a high demand for professionals in this field, pursuing a psychology degree opens doors to diverse job opportunities in counseling, research, human resources, or social services.

Uncover the complexities of the human mind while gaining essential skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market. Graduating with a psychology degree can lead to fulfilling careers where you can make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities.


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is identified as one of the easiest bachelor’s degrees to pursue. There is a high demand for individuals with degrees in criminal justice, offering clear career paths and potential job opportunities.

This major aligns with students interested in law enforcement, corrections, or legal careers, providing a straightforward academic journey with promising prospects.



English is a straightforward college major that suits students passionate about literature and language. It provides a clear career path with various job opportunities in writing, editing, teaching, and publishing.

Pursuing an English degree offers the potential for high pay and allows students to explore their love for reading, analyzing texts, and crafting written communication.

With an emphasis on literature and language structure, an English degree opens doors to diverse career options such as content creation, marketing communications, journalism, and public relations.



English is listed as one of the easy college majors, suitable for students passionate about literature and language. Pursuing a degree in education offers ample job opportunities, with high demand for qualified professionals.

These bachelor’s degrees provide clear career paths and potential for high pay upon graduation.


Religious Studies

Moving from education to religious studies, this field offers an insightful exploration of different religions and their impact on cultures. A bachelor’s degree in religious studies can pave the way for careers in counseling, education, or social work.

With a focus on understanding diverse belief systems and their historical contexts, graduates can develop valuable skills in critical thinking and cultural awareness. These skills are increasingly sought after by employers looking for individuals with a broad perspective and strong interpersonal abilities.

Religious studies also provides opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection, encouraging students to explore their own beliefs while gaining insights into the beliefs of others.


Other Easy College Majors to Consider

Social Work, Communications, History, Health, and Liberal Arts are also great options for students looking for easy college majors with clear career paths. Each of these programs offers a straightforward curriculum and practical skills that can lead to successful careers after graduation.


Social Work

Social work is known as an easy college major, emphasizing human behavior and societal issues. With a focus on helping individuals and communities, it offers a clear career path with opportunities for making a meaningful impact.

The demand for social workers remains high, providing job security and stability post-graduation. Additionally, it aligns with the keywords “Bachelor’s degrees with easy career paths” and “Least challenging college majors,” making it an attractive option for students seeking both ease of study and future employment prospects.



Communications is seen as an easy college major, offering a straightforward path for students interested in the field. It provides opportunities to develop skills in public relations, journalism, and media studies.

With a focus on effective communication strategies and digital media, communications degrees can lead to diverse career options. Students considering this major should look into areas like marketing, advertising, or corporate communications for potential job prospects.



History majors are among the easiest 4-year degree programs, exploring past events and societal evolution. This major provides insight into cultures, politics, and significant global developments.

A history degree offers career paths in education, research, museums, or archival work. It is a basic 4-year degree program with clear career paths and good return on investment.

Among the simplest majors to study is health, focusing on wellness and medical knowledge for a stable career path in healthcare services. Graduates can pursue roles as healthcare administrators or work in public health promoting disease prevention.



Health-related majors, such as healthcare administration, are among the easiest bachelor’s degree programs to pursue. These degrees offer clear career paths and high demand in the job market, providing students with promising job opportunities upon graduation.

Pursuing a health-related major not only offers simplicity but also the potential for a rewarding and stable career.

Moving on to another easy college major option that offers promising career prospects for students – Liberal Arts.


Liberal Arts

Moving on from health-related majors, let’s explore the realm of Liberal Arts. Anthropology is considered one of the easiest college majors, focusing on the study of humanity and past societies.

Additionally, English is listed as an easy college major suitable for students with a passion for literature and language structure. These programs provide clear career paths and potential job opportunities upon graduation, making them attractive options for students seeking straightforward degree programs with promising prospects.



In conclusion, when considering the easiest 4-year degree programs, factors such as low attrition rates and high return on investment play a crucial role. Psychology, criminal justice, English, education, and religious studies are among the top choices for students seeking simplicity with clear career paths.

Additionally, majors like social work, communications, history, health, and liberal arts offer straightforward paths with potential job opportunities. These options present college students with accessible and promising academic pursuits.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the simplest 4-year degree programs for college students?

The simplest 4-year degree programs for college students usually have clear career paths and may include popular majors like Communications, English, or Psychology.


2. Can I find easy and affordable online degrees?

Yes, many colleges offer easy and affordable online degrees that you can get without going to campus.


3. Are there any bachelor’s degrees with high pay but low difficulty?

Indeed, there are bachelor’s degrees in fields like Business Administration that lead to well-paying jobs and are known to be less challenging.


4. Which straightforward college majors should I consider?

Consider straightforward majors such as Sociology or Education if you want a program with less demanding coursework.


5. What makes an effortless bachelor’s degree program?

An effortless bachelor’s degree program often has fewer complex math or science requirements and offers more flexible assignments.


6. Where can I find simple Bachelor’s Degree Programs for College Students?

Look for basic Bachelor’s Degree Programs at your local community college or search online for uncomplicated options that fit your schedule.


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